Celler Comunica Wines

Here at Celler Comunica, we make wines which we like and the way we like to make them: honest wines, made from vineyards on granite soils.

Our wines are filled with refreshing notes, vivacity and are a clean and pure expression of the land. These Montsant wines are vibrant, tasty and full of texture, made with Garnatxa (Grenache), Carinyena (Carignan) and Syrah grapes.

You will not find our wines to be artificially done up or masked. Nothing will change the wine’s character. Our wines illustrate the grapes’ origin, which is the unique estate known as Mas d’en Cosme.

The Comunica range

Comunica (meaning in telephone speak: “The line is busy”), La Peluda (The Downy Lady) and Vinya Goretti (Goretti’s Vineyard): it’s where it comes from that matters.

We often decribe ourselves as “chefs of our terroirs”. The truth be told though, we don’t really do much cooking! We tend to spend our time preserving the unique elements of each vineyard plot and chasing after that special something which each soil transmits.

This means that our wines are not changed by our work carried out at the winery. The vineyard is the only element capable of explaining the nuances and textures of Comunica, La Peluda and Vinya Goretti.

Mas d’en Cosme

Mas d’en Cosme,in the Fontanals and Baboixos area of the surrounding countryside of Falset, is made up mainly of granite soils, except for some terraces with calcareous clay.

It is within a stone’s throw of the Serra de Llaberia (Llaberia mountain range and protected nature area) at 370m above sea level. There is abundant ground water which helps the vines to survive during the extremely warm and dry months which are typical of this area.

We ferment the grapes which these vines give us (7 hectares in total = 17 acres). We have Garnatxa Negra (Red Grenache) (60%), Garnatxa Peluda (Downy Grenache) (10%), Carinyena (Carignan) (10%), Syrah (Shiraz) (15%) and Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) (5%).

Ageing periods in stainless steel

At Celler Comunica we strive to make honest wines which are what they appear to be: made with grapes from vineyards in a climatic context and with geologically singular soils. This is why we have opted for ageing our wines in stainless steel. We do not want to interfere or lose the initial characteristics of our vineyards.

La Pua
Vinya Goretti
La Peluda