We are nonconformist and loyal to the soils

We go by the names of Pep Aguilar and Patri Morillo, and our project is called: Celler Comunica.

We have spent many years in the wine trade

And our path has led us to the DO Montsant

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We are not conformist. We never have been.

Those of us who are behind the Celler Comunica Project have spent many years in the wine trade. We have travelled far and wide (well almost) with an intense need to learn, to experiment and to search for our own path.

We have advised wineries of all shapes and sizes in different wine growing regions in the Mediterranean area (D.O.Q. Priorat, D.O. Montsant, D.O. Penedés, D.O. Costers del Segre, D.O. Valencia, D.O. Almansa, D.O. Bullas) and, finally after many years, our path has led us to the D.O. Montsant wine region, where we have set up our own winemaking project.

We go by the names of Pep Aguilar and Patri Morillo, and our project is called: Celler Comunica.

Loyals to the soils. Wines are made from the soil.

This is what everyone can be heard saying; at least they have done so in the last few years. We fully believe this and in fact, we spend more time in the vineyards than in the winery. We want to get to know each and every one of our vines which we have at our Mas d’en Cosme (Falset) estate and each metre of earth where they grow.

Mas d’en Cosme estate has mainly granite based soils. And this is no coincidence. It is precisely the soil type we were looking for and had dreamed of for many years: a granite soil estate vineyard where we can make our fresh, vibrant wines like the ones which granite soils tend to make in D.O. Montsant.

This is our plan. We are passionate about granite and we have been really successful with it! Garnatxa Negra (Red Grenache), Garnatxa Peluda (Downy Grenache), Carinyena (Carignan) and the small amount of Syrah (Shiraz) we have planted all naturally help!

Passionate about #granite

Mas d'en Cosme

In the municipal area of Falset has captured our hearts! Located between the Baboixos and Fontanals areas of Falset, it offers views towards the Mola de Colldejou, a distinctive flat-topped mountain as well as the Llaberia mountain range. The climate here is dry, but on summer evenings, despite the heat, the Garbinada or cool breeze will blow in from the sea to satisfy the vines and the soil’s moisture needs.

Well situated beside the Falset-Porrera road and the old pack-horse trail to Pradell – which in the past, had been a Roman Road – the Mas d’en Cosme farmhouse and estate is bursting with history. This farmhouse played host to the soon-to-become Indian Prime Minister, Nehru and his daughter, Indira Priyadarshini Nehru (later Indira Ghandi through marriage to Feroze Gandhi) during their brief visit to the troops in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War. We have to admit that we have been amazed by all this history.

Celler Comunica Wines